The -30- Post


When I was a print journalist, “30” was a message to the copy editor: the story is over.

After five years and over 300 posts, this is my 30 column for this blog.  In 2009, I began sharing my lifelong passion for motorsport with analysis and humor.  I wanted to talk about great drivers, great races, great cars, and great controversies.  I conceived of the blog as an online motorsport magazine, covering different aspects of the sport but also focused on the passion, the excitement, the joy of racing. Not a daily stat sheet; something broader.

I tried to provide readers with provocative writing accompanied by original images.  I had nothing to offer aside from limitless zeal, past experience as a sportswriter, and the belief that I had something to share.  I was also lucky to live near Laguna Seca and Sonoma Raceway, which collectively provide enough action to satisfy any race fan.

The blog grew bigger than I expected. Tens of thousands of visitors have viewed these pages since 2009, from over 140 countries.  I’ve engaged in a spirited debate over issues as diverse as F1 in the United States, the state of IndyCar racing, and the schism (and merger) of sports car racing.  I shared hundreds of posts and photographs, met fantastic personalities and drivers, and brought an inside look at some of the biggest racing series in the world (the World Touring Car Championship, IndyCar, the ALMS, Grand-Am, USF2000, and Pirelli World Challenge, to name a few).

However, over the last five years, my available time for the blog has dropped off due to real world concerns.  I want anything I do to be great and worth reading.  If it cannot be, because I do not have the time to devote, maybe it’s time to transition.  I’ll always be a racing fan and will always go to races, but I think this blog has seen its time come.


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